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The Cat Empire collaborated with renowned childrens book author/illustrator on the artwork for our 2013 album release STEAL THE LIGHT.  
Graeme Base is the award-winning author/illustrator of more than fifteen books including ‘Animalia’, ‘The Eleventh Hour’ and ‘The Waterhole’.

We are thrilled to have available a Limited Edition of 500 highest quality prints of the Steal The Light artwork, each numbered and individually signed by Graeme Base. Using the superb Glicee fine art reproduction technology – a process that results in higher quality prints than traditional lithographic process, and a wider colour gamut than serigraphy (screen printing). The results conform to archival standards consistent with collectible fine art around the world.

The print:
Giclee Prints, printed on archival-quality Tecco Fine Art Rag with Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Inks.
The giclee print process can produce resolutions of over 2800 dots per inch while spraying over 1 million droplets per second onto the selected substrate. Giclee printing is a higher quality printing process than traditional lithographic print and has a wider colour gamut than serigraphy. There are no screens used with this method of reproduction hence, giclee prints render deep, saturated colors and have a beautiful natural quality that retains the minute detail of color tints and blends.
The paper:
The paper complies with DIN 6738, ISO 9706, ANSI Z 39.48-1992 neutral sizes, neutral PH value, acid free and therefore extremely age resistant. It offers the highest archival results and has a lifetime over 100 years. This naturally white, heavy PFR295 has an extremely fine and homogenous ultra smooth surface structure. Is it a unique 100% cotton printing substrate for artwork reproductions reaching the highest artistic requirements It is absolutely acid-free and thus extremely age resistant.
In simple terms - these look spectacular, and will arrive to you in pristine condition.

Please note: We can not promise to deliver any specific number in the range 1–500.  Prints will be sent out in the exact order they are received from customers. The size of the print itself is approx. 51cm x 51cm and the whole paper size is 75cm x 75cm.


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