• Stolen Diamonds



  • All CD & Vinyl pre-orders will be signed by the whole band
  • The CD features a signed, embossed, limited edition slip case
  • The Vinyl features a signed, die cut, limited edition sleeve
  • Pre-order the CD or Vinyl for a friend/family member for Christmas and on the morning of Dec 25 we will send them an email sharing the 6 songs already released, plus we will give them a one week jump on the rest of the world with a track that won’t be released until Jan 1. All accompanied by a note to tell them the gift was sent by you.
  • As soon as the clock ticks over to Feb 15th (Australian Eastern Standard Time), the digital download of the new album will be sent,  so wherever you are in the world, if you've purchased this option you will have the earliest access to it possible.

 Stolen Diamonds is the seventh studio album from The Cat Empire. The band chose to record for the third time with friend and Producer Jan Skubiszewski, this time at Red Moon Studios in Gisbourne, in the country side outside of Melbourne.