• Rising With The Sun - Deluxe CD Package

    The Cat Empire

  • Standard cd in a jewel case
    + limited release die cut slip case
    + Die-cut postcards of the album art
    + make your own album art kit
    sent to you in a great bag

    Order a personally dedicated DELUXE copy of the Special Edition of Rising With The Sun for yourself or a friend.

    The first CD production run of Rising With the Sun will be have Special Edition artwork featuring an die cut slip case, which will be offered for a limited time only.

    Also included in this package is a digital download card of the album for yourself or a friend, a set of 4 collectors edition postcards, and a kit that enables you to get crafty and make your own piece of art that replicates the Rising With The Sun artwork. All of this will be packaged in a handy tote bag.

  • $59.99

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