• Rising With The Sun - Premium Limited Edition CD + Vinyl Package, with unreleased tracks, signed by the band

    The Cat Empire

  • Standard cd in a jewel case
    + Limited release die cut slip case
    + Vinyl 2 vinyl / 4 sides
    + Digital download gift card for a friend on lanyard
    + Digital download of 2 previously unreleased tracks
    + Die-cut postcards of the album art
    + Make your own album art kit
    + 1 unisex silver plated logo ring – adjustable size
    + In a special collectors box
    + Signed by the band

    Order a PREMIUM LIMITED EDITION CD + VINYL PACKAGE of Rising With The Sun for yourself or a friend, and the band will sign it for you.

    This super package includes a first CD production run of Rising With the Sun with Special Edition artwork featuring an die cut slip case, offered for a limited time only.

    It also includes limited edition premium quality 180gsm vinyl, manufactured in Germany. The Rising With The Sun artwork has been supremely adapted for vinyl, with all of the original album tracks across 2 records (4 sides).

    Also included in this package is a digital download card of the album for yourself or a friend, 2 (digital) tracks by The Cat Empire that have never before been released, a set of 4 collectors edition postcards, and a kit that enables you to get crafty and make your own piece of art that replicates the Rising With The Sun artwork. This package also includes a Melbourne designed silver plated unisex ring, which is adjustable to fit all fingers.   All of this will be packaged in a sturdy collectors box.

  • $125.00

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