The Cat Empire - Vinyl

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We emerged as a live band all those years ago. Growing up playing around Melbourne, we were always most comfortable on a stage. When finishing gigs, people would say that the live show's energy was what they wanted to take home on a CD. Alongside this, we wanted to produce a recording to make our music accessible to a wider audience. So the challenge was to create something energetic, vibrant, and alive and subtle and decisive.

This concept passed by a few different models, but in the end, we aimed for simplicity. We recorded all the tracks live, then spent time re-doing vocal takes and some other additions. We had Andy Baldwin on our team, who was the perfect co-producer and engineer. This album took 8 months to make, with different parts of it being added in Byron Bay over summer, in Melbourne at studios, at Andy's house and anywhere else we found ourselves.

The Cat Empire (debut album) available on vinyl 150gsm vinyl.