Rising With The Sun - CD - Special Edition CD

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Rising With The Sun was recorded in the bands home town of Melbourne, with sought after Producer and long-time friend Jan Skubiszewski.

Felix says: “We were confident heading in to make this album because we had a sound from our previous record (2013’s ‘Steal The Light’) that we were thrilled with, so that was our starting point…it was just a matter of going back to that physical space and coming up with new songs.”

Harry adds: “The spontaneous side of our music is the thing people are drawn to. We started each day in the studio with all the musicians finding their seat, and we'd get a sound and play. Something would sound good, and we'd develop a song out of it. Felix and I both brought ideas we had already developed to the table, but they were able to be borne out in the band in a very spontaneous way”.

This special edition of Rising With the Sun has Special Edition artwork featuring a die-cut slipcase.