Cities – Vinyl Premiere

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Step into the vibrant world of CITIES. The Cat Empire's 2006 album is finally available on vinyl for the first time ever. Experience the band's hand-selected tracks on 180gsm vinyl, beautifully remastered for a truly immersive musical journey.

The Cat Empire’s entire catalogue has been re-issued on vinyl, including the 20th Anniversary Edition of the band’s debut 2003 album.

Build your ultimate vinyl collection of The Cat Empire today.

Side A

  1. Cities 3.23
  2. Boogaloo 3.30
  3. Siente 2.43
  4. Motion 3.43
  5. Song for the Day 3.47

Side B

  1. Song for Elias 4.32
  2. Jungle 2.12
  3. Down at the 303 2.40
  4. Waltz 4.24
  5. Luck Song 3.30
  6. Anymore 3.52

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